Running your own pub


Welcome to an exciting new pub company, currently with a portfolio of 350 pubs across the UK. Hawthorn operates a little differently with the belief that the success of the company as a whole is driven by the success of its partners.


Running your own pub is an exciting prospect and very rewarding, and we believe support in various areas of business and financial investment could make all the difference. Boasting an experienced team of hand-picked Business Development Managers, Hawthorn is focussed on offering the required support at the right time.



We understand that each partner looking to run a pub within the Hawthorn Leisure portfolio is investing not only money, but time, hard work and dedication. We work together with you to develop a vision and create an offering which is right for your customers.


We understand that making a decision to run a pub, whether you are new to the industry or seasoned pro's is a big step. Running a Hawthorn pub would offer benefits of our new approach, continual support and the opportunity to be part of an organisation that is forging forward to become the innovators within the industry.

Hawthorn Leisure Partner Accountant List

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Code Of Practice Lessees England

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Code Of Practice Scotland

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Code Of Practice Tenants England

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Cost Guide For Tenants

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Capital And Rental Valuation

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Hawthorn Success Factors;


­– Your success is our success


– Passionate and motivated partners who bring their pub to the centre of their community


– Creating a vision and plan for each pub, in conjunction with our partners that develops it's full potential


– Flexible agreements to suit each pub


– Being focused on our pub customers



If you are interested in running your own pub, please call 01902 376 078 or complete the enquiry form in the Contact Us section.


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