Welcome to the Hawthorn Leisure Buying Club

As one of our Partners, you can benefit from significant potential cost

savings (up to 15%) on a number of items you regularly purchase for your pub


The Hawthorn Leisure Buying Club is operated by our procurement Partner

Pelican Consortia Purchasing

Pelican has preferential price agreements with suppliers across a number of

key categories including:

Food Wholesale

Grocery frozen &

chilled foods

Regional &

National Butchers

Fully certified and traceable

Fruit & Vegetables

A wide range of

regional suppliers


Milk, cream,

cheese & eggs

Fish & Seafood

Responsibly sourced

& sustainable

Snacks & Hot Beverages

Coffee suppliers

& bar snacks


Bulk LPG, mains gas

& electricity

Waste Management

Flexible waste

management solutions


For all your

office needs

Cleaning, Hygiene

& Disposables

Washroom services, chemicals

& paper products

Commercial Equipment

Impartial advice

& equipment sourcing

Pelican has over 25 years of experience and a combined total annual

purchasing volume of £140 million

Hawthorn Leisure's Partners could achieve substantial cost savings of up to 15% by buying through the Buying Club.

Free ‘Purchasing Intelligence’ Software


It’s not just about saving money…  Pelican can also help Hawthorn Leisure Partners control their purchasing more effectively by using their easy-to-use Purchasing Intelligence software. The free software allows you to see exactly what you are buying and from where;  you can analyse your purchasing history and habits by supplier, by category or even at product level.



To join the Hawthorn Leisure Buying Club today, contact

Pelican to arrange a free, impartial and no-obligation consultation to see how much money you can save by purchasing through the Hawthorn Leisure Buying Club.


Speak to your BDM for more information,

or contact Pelican on 01252 705222


Pinewood Business Park

Coleshill Road

Marston Green